Scrambles reborn?

So in the last post I ranted about how much of a monumental pain in the ass Scrambles has been. Hoping to have a fun trouble free summer with some of the best weather I can remember tearing up the... Continue Reading →

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The curse of Scrambles

Oh yeah...the blog...I forgot about's kind of hard to write blog posts when the XS750 project is still in a million bits, much the same as last time I wrote here...I have been busy spannering in the garage through... Continue Reading →

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Yamaha XS750 – Brake Stuff pt. 2

Read the latest installment of the build where I reassemble of the worlds most expensive braking system (or so it feels like)

Yamaha XS750 – Brake Stuff pt. 1

Learn about brakes through crudely drawn images and how every single part on my bike is in need of replacement...

Yamaha XS750 – All Filla, No Killa

Watch me slowly lose my rag at my fuel tank in this instalment of motorbike restoration for people who haven't got a clue what they are doing by people who haven't got a clue what they are doing...

Yamaha XS750 – Carb Overload

Back at it with a ham-fisted attempt at explaining how carburettors work as well as the rebuild of my own

Yamaha XS750 – The Great Comeback

An overview as to where I have been and what i hope to achieve this year on the bike

Yamaha XS750 -Weldy McWelderson

This installment looks a the installation of the cafe racer loop whilst trying to minimise the amount of holes i blow into the frame with my amateur welding techniques....

Yamaha XS750 Project Bike – Chop suey

Preparing the xs750 frame for the cafe racer loop

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