Yamaha TT600 Scrambler – It’s getting serious now…

So I now have a definitive finish on to see how i will get this bike finished in time for The Bike Shed Show London 2019

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Yamaha TT600 Scrambler – Resin, Set, Go… (how to make a seat pan)

Welcome back folks, In this post, we look at making one of the most crucial parts to the build, a comfy place for your arse to go! I am of course talking about the seat. Due to all the unique... Continue Reading →

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Yamaha TT600 scrambler – Old Rusty Magee

Welcome back folks, In the last installment, we looked at the steps taken to remove the incredibly functional, yet turdy looking tank and replace with one more in line with a retro scrambler style. I had settled on a tank... Continue Reading →

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Yamaha TT600 – Getting Tanked Up

Yes the build continues! In this installment I show you how I went about fitting a different tank to the TT600

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Loop de loop – Yamaha TT600 Project

This installment looks at the steps required to fit a cafe racer loop to the back of the bike....hopefully strong enough that it doesn't fall off

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Head Gasketmania

What a saga getting this engine back to full health has on to find out why.

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Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow…Blow too much

Learn about the

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Scrambles reborn?

So in the last post I ranted about how much of a monumental pain in the ass Scrambles has been. Hoping to have a fun trouble free summer with some of the best weather I can remember tearing up the... Continue Reading →

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The curse of Scrambles

Oh yeah...the blog...I forgot about's kind of hard to write blog posts when the XS750 project is still in a million bits, much the same as last time I wrote here...I have been busy spannering in the garage through... Continue Reading →

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