I love engines. In fact, I love all things mechanical but in particular, I love loud obnoxious motorcycles (see Harley Davidson below). Ever since owning my own motorcycle I have wanted a creation of my own. Confined to the realms of a 9-5. desk  job, with a limited time, budget and experience, I had to find a way to construct my masterpiece efficiently  (or fail miserably)…


re[motor]cycled aims to take you on a journey of transformation; my goal is to turn a tired old motorbike, destined for the scrapheap, into an individual creation with a second lease of life. The machines will be crafted on a budget, with skills learned throughout the build.

The re[motor]cycled mission is to keep things simple. In both design and knowledge sharing. I want to inspire others to take the leap and challenge themselves technically. A project how-to will capture the lessons learned throughout this project and share the (inevitable) mistakes.

Grab your helmet (phrasing) and join me on this adventure