Welcome back folks,

This week has absolutely flown in. It has been a productive one none the less but due to time slipping away, the other blog post I was writing has been postponed (I can hear you all sigh). Today will give you an update of the happenings of the last week, apologies for the lateness…i’m sure some of you really struggled on Friday lunch time without this to peruse.

I think my personal ebay delivery service is coming to a close (thank god say’s the office). There is a popular hashtag that custom builders use on instagram that says #builtnotbought, meaning well, not throwing your credit card at a build. Well this month my credit card has had the shit kicked out of it and definitely doesn’t agree with that statement. Had my bike not be going to the Bike shed show in london I maybe would have spent a little less i.e. make do with the wheels I have, try and tidy up the existing shock, build the seat myself, but it’s these details that make all the difference and with time being of the essence, I don’t have the luxury of learning how to cover a seat etc, or to source cheap second hand parts online. Besides, sometimes you want the best for your build, why the hell not, there have been literal blood, sweat and tears (only sometimes) gone into this build!

First on that list of tasty treats is this YSS rear shock absorber from the factory in Thailand. I freaked out when it said a 3 week lead time, but now it’s here i’m chuffed to bits, it’s one from a later model but I checked the dimensions enough so it better work! The reason I went for it is because the original one looked like hammered shit, and it had a remote reservoir, which would had been difficult to mount seeing as I butchered the frame and removed the mounting point…

Similarly I have had all the other little goodies that make the build arrive in dribs and drabs, but these are bits to get the bike reassembled. Unfortunately I have struggled with compatibility of bearings and brakes so had to send those parts back and try again.

Om another positive note, I have the parts back from powder-coater which look bloody excellent. Platinum powder coating round the corner from my house did a great job with this, as did Jon at Vapour blast solutions prepping the frame.

I went for a post box red for the frame and some other parts in black, see gallery above. I am particularly proud of the battery box that I molly coddled together looks like something respectable and not like a blind person made it.

I figured that I would need to clean out some of the threads after powder coating, and there was one or two bits that needed sanded down (brake caliper sliding surfaces) but not to worry all good now. A tap and die kit is something I should have bought ages ago, the one I bought on amazon was a great deal and sorted the threads out easily.

High speed clean out of threads with my gammy hand

With my frame back I have been measuring out the final adjustments of the fibreglass seat pan and drilling the mounting holes. I have a more detail to share about this soon…but for now here is some pictures:

On another note, the parts that still require outsourcing are in motion, my powder-coated hubs are with the wheel builders. Plural because one hub is going to Perthshire and one is going to Holland! I found somewhere willing to make me a rear wheel to my strange 32 spoke hub (which lucky me, no other XT600 bike has so parts are a pain in the dick to get). Will let you know how this progresses.

We are getting somewhere though!

To be continued,