Welcome back folks,

Whilst recovering what appears to be a week long hangover from this stag do (Which was epic, Lisbon is great!), I have been getting back into the swing of things.

Made sure to represent remotorcycled…and get my swole on…and work off those delicious custard tarts (and pints)!

Despite becoming the most hated person in the office with all my parcels being delivered there (sorry!), I have started to make some headway in getting this thing bike back together.

Luckily, before I went on the stag do, I managed to get the ball rolling with a lot of the parts that needed outsourced i.e. more vapour blasting, powder coating and got my wheels dropped off at the wheel builder (more on that later). On a side note, look how good these parts have come up! Some to be powder coated, some to stay as is:

Most of parts that I have been waiting for have arrived which have allowed me to progress, but that hasn’t been without it’s issues. For example I have been trying to plan ahead best as possible but there is the odd part which you forget about in the chain of assembly which puts a hold on certain jobs. The latest is fork gaiters. The old ones looked pretty turdy so a fresh set are making their way over from Germany:

I have split my forks and the bottom ends are off getting vapour blasted. I will be shortening them (next post!) but I need my fork gaiters to arrive before I reassemble them to the motorbike.

Hopefully the delivery is quicker than the rear shock I am still waiting for which feels like it’s being transported by the below:


Ah yes wheels, probably a pretty important part of the build and one that has taken up the majority of my stress currently. If you nail the wheels and stance, it completes the bike:

I have had a bit of a mission trying to get something sorted for my bike. the bike came with a spare set of hubs so this put me at an advantage from the offset. I got them sent away for powder coating and ready to be built up to a new rim. I know that I wanted fatter wheels, like the below:

Initially I had sent a request to a wheel builder in England with the sizes I want and subsequently fell off the chair when they gave me the quote. (£973 if anyone was wondering). So I searched the second hand market, and a dude in Denmark came back with the exact sizes I needed:

Perfect! Except the front one needed new spokes and the back one was from a later model with a disc brake, so also needed rebuilt to my older drum brake hub, which made them about the same price as a new set.

By this point I had stripped my bike down so I also got into a situation where I started freaking out about whether the chunky tyres I wanted to fit would rub on the bike. I had measured a clearance of 4.7″ on the back before stripping it down, but a 4.5″ rim with those chunky tyres (like that KTM picture) left me a little nervous.

I found a Scottish wheel builder who could build me a set for just over £600, So I have been speaking with him. I dropped my wheels off last week, but due to the style of the spokes on the rear hub, and the unique drilling pattern of the holes on the rim, I am looking at a 6 week lead time for parts….with a show in 7 weeks.

Also the Wheel builder would have to strip my only working wheels to send away a few of the spokes for measurement. Unfortunately, I cannot risk the rear wheel being damaged so I have shit canned that idea, and decided to see if a front 19″ x 2.5″ wheel can be made in less time. Currently there is a 21″ x 1.6″ so this will definitely beef up the front of the bike. The only issue is there may be differences between the rear and front colours, which is playing with my OCD. I may have another option, will report back soon!

Unfortunately there are still parts to order (sorry work) but I would say I am about 90% of the way there, the last 10% is the new Ducati scrambler which I will take to the show instead and pretend I built it!

For anyone who reads this (lol mum and dad), I am also on Instagram, I tend to post daily updates on there if you can’t wait a whole week for your fix of how i am fucking up this bike project, there’s a link on my webpage 🙂