Hello Folks,

As you read this, I will no doubt be passed out on a park bench in Lisbon on a friends stag do…or at least have a sore head (please send water and painkillers).

The past week, I have been busy stripping this bike down and tidying up the frame ready to go off to powder coating & vapour blasting. This was a much longer task than initially anticipated. This was partly due to me looking at things in a different light. i.e. now things are going to the show I want it to be show quality. Also, even though it has been stripped…there are still bearings etc that need to be removed etc which can be a complete pain in the dick:

This is fine, it just means I am stripping more parts than expected and repairing things I didn’t expect to find. When removing the rear mounting point on my frame (I don’t need it anymore). It turns out Yamaha decided to not weld the metal together, meaning I had to dig out mr welder and repair. But this has left the rear of the frame needing filled prior to powder coating…FFS.

I have reached a point on the project where lots of pieces are required to fall into place before notable progress can be made. This motorcycle jigsaw (patent pending) takes a lot of thought because certain pieces of work become critical for progress. I placed an almighty order of parts on Sunday night (thank you credit card) which will allow progress to start again once it all arrives.

A lot of what I need now relies on the local supply chain to complete the tasks I cannot. Annoyingly, despite chasing a powder-coater for a week I have been let down delaying, that part of the build. This has a knock on effect because I need the bike powder coated before i can rebuild the bike. Now I have someone that is much more on the ball and understands my time constraints. Like wise, Jon has been a fantastic help for getting vapour blasting carried out to my schedule. Similarly I have wheels and hubs to go to the wheel builder to take offset measurements and make new wheels.

Currently my list looks like the following:

  • Rebuild this engine
  • Wait for powder coated hubs to be complete
  • Drop of hubs at wheel builders
  • Wait for frame to be powder coated
  • Wait for additional rolling chassis components to be vapour blasted
  • Wait for rear shock to arrive (coming from YSS in Thailand…)
  • Rebuild bike back together
  • Sort out seat base retention method
  • Send seat base to upholsters
  • Order Arches (whilst retrying moulding my own in the background)
  • Seal fuel tank – it has a very slow leak….grrr
  • Send fuel tank & arches to sprayer
  • Pick up new wheels
  • Shorten forks & rebuild
  • Wrap exhaust and decide on muffler (possible use original sprayed in HT black)
  • Get 3D printed velocity stacks
  • Mount electrics and lengthen where applicable

So just a small list…with 8 weeks to complete. As with everyone, life continues to go on, I have other commitments which mean I can’t lock myself away in the garage every spare minute (despite trying :D). I feel comfortable about meeting the deadline for the end of May but the stress isn’t over yet…now where can I get a pastel de nata…

To be continued,