Welcome back to another episode of motorcycle butchery on the most sporadic blog online! With the Christmas break over and almost every weekend this month being tied up, I haven’t had much time to work on the old bike. For those of you who have forgotten the current status (mainly me), a quick recap – Bike has been stripped to component level, Bearings etc have been removed from the frame, sandblasting of smaller components and the frame has been de-lugged. Hopefully not too many more posts looking at this tatty old frame!

There is a lot still of work to be carried out including buying a new bike and riding it around instead of tinkering with old rusty shit bikes…Just kidding, although this task doesn’t appeal to many, I love it and can’t wait to learn more. Tasks still to be done include making a seat, then buying a seat, giving the engine  a service & paint, then buying a new engine, rebuilding the brakes & forks, buying new brakes and forks, sand blasting and powder coating of frame/wheels/swingarm, buying a new frame, getting the tank sprayed, buying a new tank, simplify the wiring loom and electricals and reassembly/buying a new triumph bobber. Easy peasy….

The next phase of the project was the one I had stressed out about the most, mainly due to it being completely out of my comfort zone….and also because there was no going back once I started….I’m sure 1970’s motorbike frames are a commodity item these days…right?

Frame Prep

All the bikes I am using for inspiration have clean, smooth tail sections. See my previous post, The Grand Plan for a look at these bikes. For me to get the look I want here (brat style), I need to modify the frame slightly, mainly by removing the chunky existing frame sections and welding a sleek metal loop in its place.

So far the frame prep has been grinding off all the lugs that I will no longer need. Next was to get the back end ready for welding the frame hoop on.

The pictures below run through the process, but it really is as straightforward as picking the point you want to cut to and attack with the grinder. It’s always better to leave too much and cut again….keep that in mind! Current plugin for WordPress slideshow is goosed so no fancy slideshow this post…

I really wanted to have a bash at making a loop, so I ran through the thought process of what I thought I needed….

  1. A length of cold water pipe that happened to be a perfect fit for the frame
  2. A bucket of hot water to mould the pipe
  3. A measuring tape, Sharpie pen and paper


Cool – now that I had a rough idea of the size of pipe I needed all I had to do was source a length of pipe, source a pipe bender, mess up the first 5 attempts, order some more pipe, mess it up again and then go onto eBay and buy a pre-made loop….

OK, so I cheated and went straight to buying a premade loop from Paul from www.oneoffwe.co.uk. This loop also had the upsweep I was looking for that really completes the brat style. Paul was very quick with delivery and the fit is perfect. Impatience also had a part to play here….it would take me a good month to source all the parts I needed to make it myself, whereas I can pay someone who makes them perfectly for £30 delivered. I will learn how to do this on the next project but I really just wanted to keep moving the project along. I will go over the fitment in my next blog post….which will not be a month away, I promise!

To be continued,